why are earwigs so hard to kill

Why are earwigs so hard to kill?

Do you ever wonder why you kill an earwig or spray an insecticide in your tub only to find another one a few hours later or […]

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Don’t Get Confused: Know the Difference Between Termites and Ants

How do you know if it’s termites or carpenter ants destroying your home? Both are notorious for causing wood damage. If you notice wood damage and […]

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Why DIY Fire Ant Treatments Often Fail

Fire ant season is here. Sometimes in the Lowcountry it feels like it’s always fire ant season. The ferocious, biting insects thrive when the temperature reaches […]

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Safely Use Insect Repellents This Season

We know better than anyone mosquitoes and gnats can ruin backyard fun in the summer. Old South Exterminators is here to help! You can take back […]

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