Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs In Your Garden

Springtime in the Lowcountry is when our focus shifts to spending more time outside, with gardening (floral and veggie) being a popular pastime. When you find […]

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5 Pests We Love to Hate

The Lowcountry is no stranger to insect pests. Just because we are “used” to them does not mean we like them! Insect pests bring with them […]

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mulch, termites, and your home's foundation

Mulch, Termites, and Your Home’s Foundation

A common worry for homeowners is the threat that a layer of mulch next to a house foundation might draw termites. It can enhance curb appeal […]

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why are earwigs so hard to kill

Why are earwigs so hard to kill?

Do you ever wonder why you kill an earwig or spray an insecticide in your tub only to find another one a few hours later or […]

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