Crawl Space Services

We offer a wide variety of services for the crawl space under your house including: foundation vents, moisture barriers, exclusion work, fungicide treatments, power fans, dehumidifiers, crawl space cleanouts and more.

Eliminating moisture beneath the home takes away a possible breeding ground for subterranean termites. It also helps prevent buckling of wooden floors, helps prevent mold in the wood beneath the home, and helps provide cleaner air within the home.

Dehumidifier Systems

Many crawlspaces under houses are vulnerable to be attacked by wood destroying fungi due to excess moisture. When the moisture content of the wood reaches 28% or greater wood destroying fungi begins to attack the wood. This fungi, if not stopped, will eventually cause structural damage to the subfloor. The only way to permanently stop this fungi is through moisture control. This is best achieved with a dehumidifier system.

All holes, vents, and other areas that allow warm humid air to enter the crawlspace are sealed off. Then, a moisture barrier is installed on the ground to prevent ground moisture to enter into the crawlspace. Once this is completed a commercial grade dehumidifier is installed in the crawl space and soon moisture levels are down to a safe and normal range of 10% to 17%.

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